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"Dream of the Butterfly" Series Index

The order of fics in the Dream of the Butterfly series:

And a Smile on the Face of the Dragon
Officers' Training Seminar: Building Trust and Teamwork in the Heavenly Army
The Rules of Engagement
String Theory
White Tiger
Summer Outing
Belling the Cat
Water Sports
Body of Knowledge

If you were sent or somehow surfed to this lj, odds are it was for this series, so welcome and I hope you enjoy it. It all started out with my second-ever fic, which was written for a prompt on the Anonymous Saiyuki Kink Meme. Some of the feedback at the meme suggested I should: 1) get an lj; and 2) continue the story line, so here is the result.  The series is currently unfinished, so expect to see it continued and expanded upon until you see an epilogue, which strangely enough is pretty much written. It's the middle of the tale that needs some serious work at this point.

There's also a few non series fics here, so feel free to browse. Grand majority is Saiyuki Gaiden, but there's a bit of the regular Saiyuki to be found. All are yaoi, so caveat emptor, people!

Some who have been reading along all this time will be surprised to see String Theory is currently in the series list. Not originally written for it, true, but the whole "what to name this series" brainstorming week brought on an inspiration as to how to tie the whole thing together and end it, and because of that String Theory needed to be included.

Oh, and a shout out of thanks for  the input on the "naming the series" challenge!

Trick or sake!

Pumpkin Mokona wishes everyone a Happy Halloween!!!

Gift fic for tj: Hunting the Snark

Title: Hunting the Snark

Pairing: 10K implied

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Crack. Calculated acts of violence against small woodland creatures.

Summary: In which we discover why Tenpou hasn’t been laid recently.

Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer thingee. Minekura’s and tj_dragonblade’s. The only thing that’s mine is the re-imagining!!!

A baby gift for tj_dragonblade . Congrats on the newest dragonblade family member, tj!

This bit o’ crack is based off tj’s fic Gratitude, so if you haven’t read that yet, go do it! Do it now! It's a fun read in and of itself, but if you don't, this fic won’t make much sense. For those with time constraints, the Cliff Notes version of tj's fic premise is that all Saiyuki characters not involved in active plot lines are compelled by contract to work as fic/fic bunny writers. Which means most of the Gaiden crew, of course.

Thanks also to helliongoddess  for some lovely suggestions on a few bits. They were as inspiring as you, oh Merciful Bitch.


Duck Season! No...Collapse )


FIC: Promised Land


May the despotic robot overlords take pity upon you this joyous holiday season

FIC: Love Letters

Title: Love Letters

Pairings: Kenren/Goujun

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Sheer fluffitude.

Summary: Kenren needs to have his memo pad taken away.

Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer thingee. Not mine, hers.



Gift fic number two for this Christmas, this one to my other Tenpou- or should I say Tempest- puddingcat  (yes, Jun here has more than one Tenpou. Feel for him). Months ago puddingcat  (with whom I rp on occasion) suggested I choose a Gaiden prompt at one of the smut communities. There were reasons why, which I won’t go into, and I forget which comm it was- but it really doesn’t matter since I never did sign up. Still, part of one of the prompts mentioned “love letters” which got the inner bunnies hopping enough for me to jot down a few notes. Then life got in the way, and the whole thing disappeared for a bit.

But voila! Here’s the rabbit back out of the hat- far too late for its original purpose, but hopefully still able to make my Tempest and everybody else smile this holiday season. Bitty-fic number two, steaming hot with a marshmallow on top!
Warning: this fic is even more mindless than the one I just posted for macavitykitsune . It might tickle your nose, it’s so fluffy.


Dear Sir or Madam, as the case may be...Collapse )



FIC: Writer's Block

Title: Writer’s Block

Pairings: Tenpou/Goujun

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Snark warning: A Tenpou in a foul mood is a Tenpou to be feared.

Summary: It’s the eternal question: when courting another man, What Would Confucius Do?

Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer thingee. Not mine, hers.


Hoping it would help me get over some writer’s block of my own, here is a small wayward crack bunny belonging to macavitykitsune that she repeatedly put in my lap, refusing to leave me alone until I promised I’d turn it into something. Well, here is… something. (My message to her: Be careful of what you wish for!) Her original concept was the aftermath of a huge crack/angst 10Gou fight over Goujun’s insistence that as king and commander, he had to be the top in bed, and Tenpou’s overreaction to it. A “crangst fic,” I think we called it.

Well, more fluff now than crangst- but I promised to get it out before Christmas, so here it is. A bit of total fluff with a cracked crust, out of the oven just in time for the holidays. Have a Happy Christmas, everyone!


The Neo-Confucian Guide to Inter-Species, Inter-Rank, Inter-Social Status Dragon Yang Relations.Collapse )







Food For Foxes

Walk home in moonlight;
Grateful for a warm box of
Oden from a fox.
-xxxholic haiku by ebi

Oden for 09!!!

Yes, winter's upon us, and I have just finished addicting my husband to the xxxholic anime series in my diabolical plan to get him to buy me the boxed set for Xmas. It also gave me a real hankerin' for oden, which for anyone who's read/seen xxxholic will tell you, is best when made by spirit foxes. Having no spirit fox oden carts in my neighborhood (of which I am aware, though there are foxes, so who can say) I had to do with my own meager efforts and my crock pot.

And here it is! I am rather proud, if I do say so myself. As I'm vegetarian it's a kelp-shiitake stock. In honor of the spirit foxes I used "Bride of the Fox" for the sake in the broth. The veggies mostly come from a frozen bag of Japanese veggies I got awhile back (including burdock, lotus root, bamboo shoot, shiitake and the like), and I added sweet potato, daikon, and leftover potatoes from yesterday's Xmas party offering of bhel puri... then I threw in a few freeze-dried tofu cubes, and because I was feeling ambitious I made a few of the fun things oden can have; kinchaku (age pouches), cabbage rolls, and shinoda-maki (age and cabbage rolls, which is also related to foxes, as there's a myth about).
All tied up pretty with kampyo. Didn't have any konnyaku, but can't have everything. It'll sit overnight to truly develop the flavors- then this it's mine! Mine, I tell you!

A big thanks to 7veilsphaedra and helliongoddess for the snowflakes! Big virtual hugs back atcha!



Why did I have to find out this exists?

More Anime Haiku!

Alrighty, since macavitykitsune was so sweet to point out what a scary person I am haiku-wise, here it is; my response set of manga or anime inspired haikus.

Any guesses out there as to what they're about? There's still a few open! Current winners listed below!


Found a cat today,

It looks like he'll be trouble.

Felt heavy, that cat. -Wild Adapter, macavitykitsune


Big gun says it all.

What’s the price on my head? No,

tell me in donuts.-Trigun, theskywasblue


Eve of destruction.

So short-sighted, she can’t see

she’s hunting herself. -Witch Hunter Robin, yasashii_kawa


Which one’s scarier,

The vampire or the blonde dyke?

Tough choice, police girl… -Hellsing, macavitykitsune


“Vast and infinite,”

They meld and then disappear

Into cyberspace. -Ghost in the Shell


Rebirth by a kiss,

And if you remind him of that

He’ll Rei-gun your ass. -Yu Yu Hakusho, macavitykitsune


The dog’s the smartest,

Then comes the Tomato; Spike’s

Waaay down on the list. -Cowboy Bebop, macavitykitsune


Absolute power

Corrupts absolutely; Light

Swallowed by darkness. -Death Note,




“We’ve been here before.”

Their forms change and flow, only

Earth remains constant. -Saiyuki Series, macavitykitsune